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High Jewelry

Diamond Sapphire Garden Hanging Ring

Resting Beauty On Your Finger In A Form Of Garden Hanging With A Butterfly Doze On It Is Like A Cherry On Top


The Blue Topaz Aqua Life Pendant Necklace Is A Beautiful Depiction Of Sea Flora And Fauna Right From Fish Encrusted With Rubies, Coral, Starfish, Seahorse, Jellyfish And Various Persona Of Sea Florals Which Redirects The Energy Of The Body Where It Is Needed. The Blue Topaz Was Named Because Of Its Power To Cool Hot Water

Diamond Ruby Neckpiece Set

Ruby And Flowers Clearly Are The Symbols Of “LOVE”. And Here Aakarshan Made This Beautiful Piece To Wear In A Form Of Love Around Your Neck And Ears

Flower Fairy Pendant

The Whole Concept Of Flower Fairy Is Inspired By Petunia, They Represents Friendship And Well Being. The Flower Fairy Pendant Is Made Using Citrine With Flower Fairy Being Enameled Over It Ornamented With Diamonds And Made To Perfection. Its A Representation Of Joy In Life. A Pendant Worth Thousand Jewelry A Minimalist Yet Statement


Kunzite Filled with Innocence And Purity Adding Little Essence Of Flower And Leaf


Beautiful Deeply Saturated Purple Pink Kunzite Ring Encrusted Among Hearts Depicting Joyful Love Which Is Pure In Energy Connecting The Heart To The Mind And Stimulating A Healing Communication

Mosaic Half Turquoise & Pearl Ring Cum Pendant

Make A Choice By Deciding Your Mood  For Wearing It As A Ring Or A Pendant

Mosaic Full Turquoise & Pearl Earrings

Wearing Wisdom In A Form Of Earrings

Mosaic Turquoise & Pearl Dangler Earrings

Diamonds Holding The Coral Heart

Peacock Bracelet

Giving You The Feel Of Rejuvenation & Beauty To Wear It With Love

Pink Tourmaline Raindrop Earrings

Fascinating Effect Of Raindrops To Compliment Your Ears

Ruby Rosecut Diamond Bracelet

Good Health Encrusted Elegantly With Strength Or Ruby Encrusted Gracefully With Diamonds

Serene Aura

Royalty Created With The Feeling Of Calmness To Proffer You Spiritual Clarity

Tanzanite Dangler Earrings

The Flavor Creating Optimistic Energy With A Hue Symbolising Stability

Triangular Ring

Spiritually Triangle Speaks For Union Of Body, Mind & Spirit

Blue Sapphire Earrings

An Exquisite Gemstone Bringing Spiritual Insight, And Good Fortune With Diamond Leaves Beautifying It Even More

Oval Diamond Necklace Set

A Sequence Of Quintessence About Good Health & Long Life