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What is Aakarshan?

Aakarshan Gems & Jewellery offers the opulence and fascination of vibrant gemstones within an exclusive realm of jewelry. Every piece, meticulously crafted by Indian artisans, weaves a tale that embraces art, cultural narratives, and the essence of tradition. Aakarshan sculpts gems and jewels to embody your unique persona.

Aakarshan is a brand for those who appreciate the art in precious jewellery, for those who appreciate the beauty of imperfection and value the craftmanship and legacy every piece carries with itself.

Quality Craftmanship

Natural Radiance

Luminious Brilliance

Intricate Designs

Elegant Finishing

The World Of Coloured Gemstones

Gemstones are more than their appearance; they carry stories that have shaped history and influenced monarchies. These stones are rare and beautiful, each one reflecting a different color of the light spectrum, which gives them their distinct colors. As symbols of elegance and history, processed gemstones become coveted fashion statements.

The Minds Behind Aakarshan
Shweta Pathak: Curator of Enduring Sophistication

Transitioning from IT to luxury gemstones, Shweta Pathak drew inspiration from her father’s treasured collection. Armed with a B.Tech in IT and a passion for gemology, she honed her skills through education from Jaishree Panjikar and GIA India. Her relentless pursuit led her across global markets, mines, and prestigious shows, shaping Aakarshan into a coveted luxury brand.

Aakarshan Artistry Unveiled: Journey with the Visionary Founder

Discover the Passion and Precision Behind Aakarshan Couture Jewellery through the Eyes of Its Creative Pioneer

Aakarshan Gems & Jewellery: An Award-Winning Voyage


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