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Ruby Ear Cuffs

These Beautiful Detachable Floral Earcuffs Made Up Of Using Pink Ruby & Diamonds Are All Enough To Make You Look Lively And Joyous. This Classy Piece From Aakarshan Is Definitely Something That You Should Have In Your Go To Collection

Gap Ring

A Gap Between The Diamond And The Ruby

Ruby Four Flower Ring

A Sober Looking Flower Ring In Which Ruby Foregathered With Diamonds Is Must Buy For Flaunting It In Your Get Togethers


For Cheering Up the Butterfly Inside You A Quintessential Wear From Aakarshan For Lightning The Heart Chakras Cleansing And Removing Any Blockages. It Aids In Removing Any Insecurities To Help Inspire Creativity And Self Expression

Ruby Rose Earrings

Just How Rose Symbolizes Love And Beauty, Likewise By Wearing These Ruby Made Rose Earrings Going To Make A Lovely And Beautiful Impact On Your Personality.


Green Amethyst Is An Style Statement, It Is An Exquisite Piece That Adds An Unique Personality To Your Overall Look. Flaunt Your Look With This Captivating Piece.

Multi Gemstone Trinklet

With Different Color Gemstones This Little & Sober Peice Only To Make Your Hand Look Precious

Ruby Arrow Ring

Arrows Have Come To Represent Protection And Defence From Any Evil That Can Come To You. Have This Ring With You And Stay Protected Forever

Amethyst Ring

With Luxury And Power The Symbols Of Color Violet, Amethyst Will Also Help You in Cleansing, Calming Energy

Crown Ring

Wearing The Power And Dignity In Your Finger

Emerald Color Splash Earrings

The Green Color Gem itself Is Known To Symbolize True Love And With The Splash Of Colors The Look Of Earring Make It More Wearing Worthy

Opal Pendant Set

The Set That Is Made To Bring Out Beauty Out Of You. And The Opal That Will Bring Loyalty And Faithfulness To You Naturally

Pearl Diamond Ring

A Pearl Surrounded By Diamonds Or Loyalty Surrounded By Love

Ruby Dangler Earring

Hold Your Love The Way Diamond Hold The Rubies In This Dangler Piece

Ruby Gap Ring

Holding The Feel Together

Carved Ruby Earring

Floral Design Carved Magnificently On Ruby Making It Look Elegant And Worth Buying

Peridot Color Splash Earrings

Harmoniously Made Piece Using Multi Gemstones Like Peridot, Ruby, Pearl, Diamond Conveys The Essence Of Having Balance And Harmony In Everybody’s Life

Emerald Diamond String

A String Of Truth And Love

Moonga String

Moonga A Prestigious Member Of The Nine Navratna Gemstone Clan. Symbolizes Ambition, Vitality And Strength

Tanzanite Peridot Earrings

Dignity And Truth Connected With Compassion

Triangular Tanzanite Studd

A Little Essence Of Longevity


Safeguarding You From Evil

Hamsa Evil Eye

Safeguarding You From Evil