Press Releases

Press Releases

OutLook 2021

The Luxe Experience: We Are Fully Committed To Making Exquisite Pieces That Are Unparalleled And Aesthetically……

The Art Of Jewellery 2017

My Jewellery Mantra: Capture Your Dream Into Your Design, Try To Be Unique & Be Free…..

The Retail Jeweller Sept-Oct 2017

Precious Coloured Gemstone Jewellery…..

The Retail Jeweller Sep-Oct 2016

Jewellery Designer…..Shweta Pathak

The Retail Jeweller Nov-Dec 2016

She Has Hues News: A Fascination With Coloured Diamonds Led Shweta Pathak To Leave Her….

The Art Of Jewellery Nov-2015

Collections And Trends…..

The Art Of Jewellery Oct-2014

It Was Projected That India’s Gems And Jewellery Market Was Likely To…..