Yes plethora of gems, my first blog . Pinky Pinky what color or Is Cadbury Gems is a kind of Gem? I was surprised when I entered the world of gems, while being exposed to my heirloom collection, they all came handy to me to know that they exist and the ardent me, started my journey from learning gemology as a subject, to understand everything that looks yellow is not yellow sapphire, that look blue is not blue sapphire, green are not always emerald and red is not always ruby.

Here through my blogs I want to introduce you to these fancy creations of God, who are attractive…Aakarshan – The Divine power of attraction.

What is a Gemstone?

By modern definition, a gemstone is a mineral or other natural material that is beautiful enough, durable enough, and rare enough, to be used for personal adornment or for the embellishment of personal possessions.”

These gemstones are part of gemstone family like as we have families based on their characteristics to name a few, Beryl (Emerald, aquamarine, Morganite, Bixbite etc.), Topaz Blue, yellow, imperial, white), Spodumene Family (Kunzite – my favorite gemstone), Corundum Family (Ruby and sapphires) , Garnet , the most colorful family Tourmaline and organic family (coral , ivory , pearl ,amber).

In India we concentrate mostly on 9 precious gems like ruby, yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, emerald, coral, pearl, cat’s-eye, garnet and diamond. And we tend to relate all gemstones with astrological purpose, I don’t tend to deny on the very fact that these gemstones when worn under right guidance, at right finger, right weight and right aesthetics does has an impact.

But these gemstones have another key role to play that is to add beauty in our Jewellery , to add color to our collection and increase our materialistic richness, and there are many other beautiful gemstones exist apart from these 9 gemstones, which in layman terms called semiprecious. I am glad and proud that GIA doesn’t categories them as “semiprecious “, as per GIA all gemstones are precious some rare gemstones like Brazilian Paraiba (neon blue Tourmaline), Padparadschah (Orange-pink variety of Burma sapphire) are among most expensive gemstones.

Apart all many gemstones has healing and soothing characteristics too , I know reading this Iolite will be demand as its one gemstone known for slimming effect, rose quartz is for marriage and love bliss , topaz is for power , peridot is for protection etc etc.

Also these gemstones are related to your birth month

In India we consider Jewellery as part of investment, then some husband rightly says buy a gold brick and hang it around your neck

Jewellery is a celebration of beauty in life, like designer clothes ;let the designer artistic Jewellery become part of your treasure, people do doubt on gemstone as an investment, but those who recently bought Columbian emerald, old Burmese ruby, Kashmir sapphire must be knowing the pinch, had it been the part of their family heirloom investment. Still I will insist appreciate these gemstones for their beauty, durability, their luster, see beautiful sheen, enjoy play of color of opal, It’s a beautiful gift mother nature has given us to adorn.Fine Jewellery is waiting to be appreciated as part of your jewelry richness, enjoy plethora of gemstone, each one is uniquely beautiful, precious, bringing life to your jewel art piece. Even making gemstone alone as a part of your collection is a brilliant idea.

The final aspect of a gemstone that determines its value is how much you like it. A gemstone is for your enjoyment. If you think it is beautiful and it makes you happy or it reminds you of someone you love or something special in your life, it is very valuable. Gemstones are very old, sometimes millions of years old: they can be powerful energetically and emotionally so it is important to choose the gemstones that you feel drawn to and connected to, even if it’s not so rare or expensive.“

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