What Does Your Jewelry Say About You?

What Does Your Jewelry Say About You?

A stunning piece of ornament is all about enhancing your beauty, a symbol of strata in the society. Wearing a unique, one-of-a-kind piece, is nothing but a depiction of luxury. We believe that jewelry is nothing but an opulent piece of wearable art, that is desired by everyone. A lineage of craftsmanship in a culturally rich land of India, has paved the way of customization. Appreciators and consumers of niche jewelry are now on a hunt for something that’s personalized and speaks volumes about their personality.

Customers now have vivid demands. Availability of choice and diversification of materials in the market have gratified their wishes to an excessive extent. For most jewelry brands, customization now plays a very evocative role and that’s how it has gained traction in the present day. What’s more interesting in these make-to-order exquisite jewelry designs is that it makes one feel enormously connected to themselves. It acts out the true deposition of an individual and deep down indicates the integrity that a person has for and within themselves. Every piece of their personalizedastounding contrived jewelry has an intimate touch and once they have on the stunning piece,it makes them feels like they have their thoughts wornin the form of an extravagant ornament.

Aakarshan’s designs are immensely diversified craftedby exceedingly skillful craftsmen from across the lengths and breadth of India. These polished artisans, commonly known as karigars,with their enhanced skills are deeply respected and eminently are an integral part of the jewelry making process”

Personalization lets a person plump up their ornament with affluent metal colours like yellow, white and rose gold. Gold is often combined with other metals such as, silver, copper, nickel, and zinc, to give this naturally soft metal the sturdiness that it requires to mold into a gorgeous lush jewelry.Even when it comes to compelling opulent diamonds, customers do have desired quality preferences such as solitaires, VVS I, VVS II, VS I or VS II to name a few. What makes every piece pop, are splendidly coloured gemstones chosen by the customers and meticulously placed in their jewelry crafted exclusively for them. Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Topaz are some of the most preferred gemstones by our customers and they are intricately combined to make a beautiful piece come to life.

From engravings to abstract shapes, personalized jewelry has grabbed the admiration of a niche set of consumers who value their meaning in their lives and wear them as an expression of themselves.Aakarshan’s Bespoke collection is all about creating these mesmerizing exquisite pieces that resonate a profound significance in the life of its consumers that they may pass on to their future generations. Crafting fascinating pieces, bespoke to its customers is an allure they cannot resist. What’s paramount to our brand is to let its esteemed clientele choose their queenly bijouterie without compromising on the quality and express their personality with a piece of luxurious wearable art.

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