This Is Aakarshan : Glossary

This Is Aakarshan : Glossary


“Design is the method of putting form and content together.
Design, just as art, has multiple definitions;
there is no single definition.
Design can be art.Design can be aesthetics.
Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.”

With Aakarshan we are very focused on Luxury elements , thus each piece is handcrafted with fine workmanship and creativity around gemstones strings, gemstone, fancy colour diamonds, and white diamonds. The designs cater to artistic, ambitious and fashion conscious people who want to experiment by buying unique jewelry designs & who appreciate uniqueness and creativity . Each piece in Aakarshan is uniquely crafted to give that ultimate panache of luxury.

At Aakarshan we amalgamate the traditional arts of jewellery with modernized jewellery trends she uses uncut diamonds, gemstones and jadau in various different propositions to create those distinctive pieces.

Our creative pieces ranges form stunning brooches, high end precious-stone neck pieces, bracelets and signature rings, making them perfect for any occasion, from engagements to weddings, evening parties, or just for those souls who wants to flaunt themselves . Blending the traditional arts with a modernize touch , reenlightening the fascination of wearing jewellery back to today’s generation who is independent with roots as well as wings and wears their taste. Each piece produced by matching the highest standard and precision as per the industry norms.

These statement earrings are studded with vivacious
Tanzanites and diamonds in 18k gold.

Tanzanite with ruby , pearl and diamonds procured by brand ownershweta from Surat mandi , it was her first experience of seeing diamonds being sold like this

Quintessential is the collection Defining Everyday Luxury

Watermelon Tourmalinein 18 kt gold pendant and earrings

This adjustable bracelet is studded with peridot and diamonds in 18k gold.


Multi Wear Ability Concept

Ruby and Diamonds ear cuffs

Opal with citrine and diamonds 18 kt gold pendant and earrings

Be Spoken – Get Spoken About

Gemstones Collection For Those Day Functions

‘She stands upon the further side, Between us flows the Nile; And in those waters deep and wide There lurks a crocodile ‘Yet is my love so true and sweet, A word of power, a charm -The stream is land beneath my feet And bears me without harm.’For I shall come to where she stands, No more be held apart;And I shall take my darling’s hands And draw her to my heart.’ Made with fancy colour diamonds , the golden lotus has its due presence in mythology and considered a symbol of enlightenment .

Garden Ring

“Design is thinking made visible.”

“Art is the visibility of the most eclectict hought process.”


High Jewellery - The Finest Version of you!!!

Ruby And Flowers Clearly Are The Symbols Of “LOVE”. And Here Aakarshan Made This Beautiful Piece To Wear In A Form Of Love Around Your Neck And Ears The handcrafted piece is so perfectly fluid that it takes the shape of your neck !!!

Good Health Encrusted Elegantly With Strength Or Ruby Encrusted Gracefully With Diamonds

The Blue Topaz Aqua Life Pendant Necklace Is A Beautiful Depiction Of Sea Flora And Fauna Which Redirects The Energy Of The Body Where It Is Needed. The Blue Topaz Was Named Because Of Its Power To Cool Hot Water

The Whole Concept Of Flower Fairy Is Inspired By Petunia, Its A Representation Of Joy In Life. A Pendant Worth Thousand Jewelry A Minimalist Yet Statement 

Tulip Blossom : Kunzite Filled with Innocence And Purity Adding Little Essence Of Flower And Leaf

Kunzite Ring – Inspired by Tiffany

Beautiful Deeply Saturated Purple Pink Kunzite Ring Encrusted Among Hearts Depicting Joyful Love Which Is Pure In Energy Connecting The Heart To The Mind And Stimulating A Healing Communication

The most magical thing about well -designed jewelry is that it can shift from whimsical to stately at a moment’s notice — High Jewellery!!!

Carrying Art From Our Culture !!

Heritage: The Cultural roots always stays the most beautiful part of Jewellery

Bhopal Jadau

The Choker Set

The Giant Polki Ring

Quintessential Of Heritage Jewellery

Detachable Oval Polki earrings

Adjustable Square Polki ring

Detachable Ruby string Polki earrings and adjustable Ring

Nath Set – Beautifully Intricate with Old pearls Emeralds with diamond Polki and ruby Jadau

Heritage Jewellery

Heritage Jewels captures the essence of India’s historic past with Kundan, Polki and Minakaari at the heart of it. The jewellery adorned by Emperor’s, Kings and Queens reaped with tradition and beauty 

The art of jewelry has been patronized by the royal class of India since ancient times when the right to  own the most magnificent jewelry pieces even led to battles. The availability of wide variety in Indian jewelry is mainly due to the difference in designs  depending on the regional needs which include the varying tastes of people from different cultures and their lifestyles. 

The history of Traditional Indian Jewellery is as old as Indian History! The word jewellery originates from the Latin word “jocale”, meaning plaything. 5000-7000 years ago during Ramayana & Mahabharata times was when jewellery and the art of wanting to beautify oneself was popularized. Traces of beaded jewellery can be found back to 1500 BC during the Indus Valley Civilization

Haute Couture - The Expensive Statement

The Astonishing Stone Lemon Topaz Is Also Known As ROYAL RAJWADI. This Imperial Gemstone Showing Its Royalty Along With Hanging Diamonds Surrounding It Gorgeously. People Wearing This Gemstone Known As Lemon Topaz Are Supposed To Get The Most Desired Life.


The Statement Of Royalty Personified With Represented Inform Of A Garden With A Chunk Of Emerald Surrounded By Keshi Pearls Butterflies And Flowers With Tassels; Necklace Is With Watermelon Emeralds Pearl And Rosecut Diamonds.

This Golden Lotus cocktail ring is a signature piece studded with fancy coloured diamonds in 18k gold


Amethyst Provides Serenity, Citrine Shoves Out The Negativity From Your Mind & Butterfly The Symbol Of Resurrection

Butterfly Fly!!! – With Mechanical Ability To Flip ,The Party Butterfly Got One More Reason To Catch Everyone’s Eyes

The swan’s appearance in our lives as an arrow pointing to our dreamier depths and feelings. Furthermore, we get the sense of balance from swan meaning as it lives harmoniously amongst three of the four Aristotelian elements. Grounding herself on earth, lofting to great heights in the air,and winding through waters with magnificent elegance.

There is a Jataka story about Golden Swan telling not to be greedy. Damayanti was a princess of Vidarbha Kingdom. She was of such beauty and grace that even the gods could not stop from admiring her. She fell in love with Nala simply from hearing of his virtues and accomplishments from a golden swan.

An Eye Arresting Darling Chunk ANAR Made From Using Rubies That Represents Good Fortune And Courage. The Piece That Plays Two Roles Equally, Wear It As A Ring Or A Pendant Decide Yourself According To Your Mood Today.

Moroccan Mosaic Art

This Mosaic Collection By Aakarshan Is Inspired From The moroccan mosaic art. The whole Technique is like a combination of abstract art and a jigsaw puzzle. Combining Or Joining All TheUnlike Pieces Together The ArtIs Created. The Collection Includes Earrings, Pendant & Ring.

Wearing Wisdom In A Form Of Earrings

Make A Choice By Deciding Your Mood For Wearing It As A Ring Or A Pendant

Rose Collection

Diamond Invisible Chocker

Just How Rose Symbolizes Love And Beauty, Likewise By Wearing These Ruby Made Rose Earrings Going To Make A Lovely And Beautiful Impact On Your Personality

Brand Owner

shweta pathak

Top 7 –  Jewellery Designer Of India

Having Worked in The Corporate Sector For 8 Plus years, she took a paradigm shift in her career because of heirloom col gion of natural gemstones and fancy color diamonds. Shweta, persuaded Gemology from Jaishree Panjikar, Diamond Grading and various other courses in the field of gems and jewellery from GIA India. She explored through various national and international markets by visiting mines, trading centres, national and International Shows in her ardent to learn more in her quench to raise a luxury brand

Aakarshan – The Divine power of Attraction!!



“Luxuryis letting what you truly crave fill the world aroundyou.

Let no important moment happen in a space that doesnt reflect who you are or how you feel”

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